Me with our sweet Benito.

Me with our sweet Benito.


Alexandra Caluen

I read voraciously as a child.

While I was born in Minnesota, I’ve lived in several states, and books always helped me feel at home wherever I found myself. Part of the world I imagined for myself was built in the pages of these books—everything from authors Barbara Cartland, who taught me to love historical romance, to Dick Francis, who taught me to love the details of our daily endeavors in service of a good story.

I started dancing in 1997. The romances I write don’t fall far from my real life, because I met my husband in ballroom dancing classes! I am an active social and competition dancer with my husband, and am learning the fine art of choreography. My area of concentration is American Style ballroom, and my dream is to bring Latin Waltz into the mainstream! 

Dancing has brought many opportunities my way, from new friends and competition to working as an extra (in the feature film "First Daughter" and festival short "The Receipt") and performer (season 5 DWTS promotion and 2010 theatrical production "Astra").

Through all my interests, I search for the beauty in everyday life—and I hope my books help you find that in your life, too.