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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

The Order of Things

Back when I started writing The L.A. Stories, they weren’t The L.A. Stories.  It was just the one story.  Ah, how things have changed!  Now there are eighteen novellas (#18 just launched!), a short novel, and a long novel (work-in-progress), to say nothing of the play.

It is, of course, possible to read these in any order; they are all intended to stand alone.  But I know some readers who like their series to make chronological sense.  That’s a little tricky here, because there’s a lot of overlap.  But in the spirit of “can’t hurt, might help,” we provide here a brief guide to what happens when in the world of The L.A. Stories.

2007-2008 Stripped – Rory & Dana’s story

2010-2011       Getting Off – Vicky & Sharon’s story

            2011    Beat (prologue)

2011-2012       All the Bars on Sunset – Vince & Kelli’s story

            2012    Exposure (prologue)

2012    Million Dollar Death – Tanith & Sid’s story

2012-2014       Beat – Sam & Mateo’s story

2012-2014       Chai at Midnight – Tyrone & Indira’s story

2012                Chrome – Michelle & Kenji’s story

2013    Set Dressing – Nick & Lucy’s story

            2013    Vintage (prologue)

2013-2014       The Continental – Elena & Tony’s story

2013-2014       Speed Date – Danny & Kate’s story

2013-2014       Mating Dance – Ray & Julia’s story

2013-2015       Exposure – Andy & Victor’s story

2014    Benchwork – Charlene & Juan’s story

2014-2015       Vintage – James & Silvia’s story

2014-2015       Green Man Walking – Red & Mary’s story

2014-2016       A Random Sequence – Linda & Diego’s story

2015-2017       Toward Love – Cameron & Marco’s story

2016-2017       Drawn Out – Tina & Reza’s story

            2017    Exposure (epilogue)

2017-2018       The Whole Truth – Stella & Frank’s story


Now, if you have only read one or two, you may be wondering “who are all these people?!” and who could blame you. But then, if you have read one or two, and maybe there were some secondary characters you were curious about, now you know where you can find them.

Stripped - #18

Music in the L.A. Stories