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Stripped - #18

There was a good rationale for having an even number of L.A. Stories: we are making plans to prepare and release paperback editions, each of which will contain two stories.

So I had to write an eighteenth story, right?

And the story I most wanted to write at the present moment concerned two characters who are very present in the series, which means that - as in the case of Andy (EXPOSURE) - the timeline of characters and events had to be very carefully referenced so that ye writer did not trip over herself.

STRIPPED is the story of Dana, an actress who performs with the Underground Cabaret as a pole dancer, and Rory. Rory is the Cabaret’s stripper, Best of L.A. two years running, and one of my favorite characters ever. She is much less like me than most of my other protagonists. Maybe that’s why it took me this long to do this story. Bits of Rory & Dana’s history have bubbled up before, most notably in the work-in-progress long novel, and that was what really prompted this story at this time.

Also present in STRIPPED are Andy - again! - Dmitri and Patrick. I’ve yet to decide if Dmitri and Patrick will get their own story. They are a “done deal” throughout the series and I’d have to go back in time even more, in order to capture their beginnings. In any case, I was able to give them some nice moments while fitting them into Dana and Rory’s story.

STRIPPED is a F/F love story. Available now at

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