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Pets in the L.A. Stories

We’ve all read about how pets can help a person live longer.  Sometimes they’re good for a meet-cute, too. None of the pets in the L.A. Stories have precipitated a romance (so far), but it’s a fair bet they make their people a lot happier.

Here’s a list of the companion critters appearing in the L.A. Stories universe:

Prospero, a tuxedo cat who lives with Vicky (Getting Off)

Miranda, a tuxedo kitten who joins the Vicky + Sharon household (Beat)

Pachuco, a Ragdoll cat who lives with Sam (Beat)

Frida, a black kitten who joins the Sam + Mateo household (Beat)

Chekov & Tolstoy, a pair of Malinois dogs who live with Anya’s mother Yulia (Speed Date)

Swarovski, aka Schwartz, a Maine Coon cat who lives with Lucy (Set Dressing)

Molly, a mixed-breed dog adopted by Andy & Victor (Exposure)

Spike, an orange kitten who joins the Rory + Dana household (Beat)

Misha & Gelsey, tabby and calico kittens acquired by Michelle & Kenji (Beat, When It’s Time)

El Mariachi, a singing Chihuahua adopted by Diego (A Random Sequence)

Antonio, a tabby cat adopted by Frank’s daughter Sara (The Whole Truth)

Simba, a guinea pig acquired by Rory & Dana (Stripped)

Neko, Suko, Hiro, and Hiko, black cats who live with Yoshi & Lesley (Illusion, When It’s Time)

Lola, a dancing greyhound who lives with Terry (Shaken & Stirred)

Oscar, a long-haired dachshund who lives with Rory & Dana (Face the Music)

Precious, a white Malti-Pom who also lives with Rory & Dana (Face the Music)

Edgar, an alley cat rescued from a dumpster by Detective Sid Palacio (Million Dollar Death)

Dolce & Gabbana, cats who live with Karen (Lift)

Moses, a cat who lives with Natalie (untitled work in progress!)

As you can see, a lot of cats show up in ‘Beat.’  This is because Sam and Mateo rescue a box full of kittens from the alley behind their apartment.  Molly, Edgar, and El Mariachi are the other overt rescues in this universe. Molly has been dumped on the I-5 freeway in Northern California when Andy and Victor find her; Edgar scrounges a living behind a downtown L.A. theatre until Sid takes him home; El Mariachi has been dumped at a 7-11 in Diego’s Alta Dena neighborhood.

Precious and Simba both come to Rory and Dana after being surrendered by other owners.  Sara finds Antonio the same way. Lucy finds Swarovski at a cat rescue organization’s adoption event.  Lola probably came to Terry from a greyhound rescue operation.

There are lots of ways to get a good pet, but as you might guess, I think adopting rescued animals is the best way. Our last two cats were both adopted from a rescue organization here in L.A. We chose them based on looks (they were the prettiest cats there) and they were never the best of friends (they didn’t grow up together) but they were terrific pets. We had Emerald (black) for fourteen years before we had to say goodbye, and Benito (Ragdoll) for sixteen. I still miss them.



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