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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

Beat -- #5

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BEAT was my first M/M love story. My heroes Mateo and Sam are very different guys, from very different backgrounds: Mateo is from a large, close-knit Filipino family east of L.A.; Sam grew up in the foster-care system until being adopted, as a teenager, by Chinese professionals in Berkeley.

They meet on Mateo’s birthday, at a club in West Hollywood where he’s been given a few too many birthday shots of Jagermeister, etc. Sam takes him home so he won’t get in trouble. After a peaceful day together, Mateo takes Sam out to dinner as a thank-you … and then asks if the day has to be over.

There are two songs on the BEAT playlist from the ‘Shrek’ soundtrack. That’s because Sam has some serious issues about how he looks. Most of the world thinks he looks great, but after four years on the MMA fight circuit, he’s a little beat up. Mateo sets out to prove that imperfection can be beautiful, too.

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