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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

Benchwork -- #10

BENCHWORK is another of the L.A. Stories that is outside the dance/performance milieu. My heroine Charlene Daniels is an OB/GYN who’s fed up with trying to find a boyfriend - let alone a husband - and is Taking Steps to have a baby on her own.

When she gets stood up for a coffee date, she decides to be a grown-up and just enjoy her afternoon off. Then a handsome stranger sits down next to her, and turns out to be … nice? Interesting? And did I mention handsome?

Juan Santiago is a little … surprised … when Charlene tells him she might be propositioning him. But he always wanted kids. He would have had them by now if not for the traffic accident that took his wife. So, since he likes Charlene at least as much as she likes him … why not see what happens?

Juan is a jeweler, which gave me a chance to write about a much-loved hobby of my own (something, ironically, that I’m not pursuing because I’m writing instead. Eh well). He’s also originally from the Olympic Peninsula, which gave me a chance to give the series a little breather from L.A. Juan and Charlene take a trip up to Washington State that mirrors one Mr. P and I took a few years back.

Charlene is the sister of Ray Daniels, hero of MATING DANCE. We get to meet their parents (another interracial couple) in BENCHWORK. Charlene is also a good friend of Dana (one of the heroines of STRIPPED) so we get to see the two of them with Rory and Juan, discussing tattoos.

BENCHWORK is an interracial love story. Available now at

Vintage -- #11

On Diversity