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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

Chai at Midnight --#6

CHAI AT MIDNIGHT was my first story about a protagonist older than myself. Now, of course, I’ve almost caught up to him.

Tyrone Washington runs a prosperous club in Hollywood, home of the Underground Cabaret. When the dance company’s shows really start taking off, Tyrone - their biggest fan - makes some big changes at the club. It’s a good life, and he’s doing what he wants to do … but he’s getting a little tired of always going home alone.

Indira Patel is a professional chef. She’s good and tired of going home alone, too. When she meets Tyrone at an event she’s catering, they both start to think about the ways they’ve let the past hold them back. And they both decide they’re not going to let the past keep them apart.

Tyrone was inspired by a former co-worker of mine, a law-firm employee with a side gig as a blues musician. He is an important supporting character in The L.A. Stories, most notably in CHROME and the upcoming SHAKEN & STIRRED. The Underground Cabaret probably wouldn’t exist without him. In GREEN MAN WALKING and FACE THE MUSIC, we see how good infrastructure can make big things possible for artists. Tyrone is one of several male protagonists who’ve been given explicitly seductive voices - others are Marco (TOWARD LOVE), Mike (FACE THE MUSIC), and Nick (SET DRESSING) - so if you like to imagine a Barry White-adjacent guy, Tyrone may be the one for you.

CHAI AT MIDNIGHT is an interracial love story. Available now at

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