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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

Chrome -- #3

The third L.A. Story, CHROME is a deep dive into the world of a semi-pro dancer. Michelle Walker came to L.A. after training all her life as a dancer, hoping for a professional career. 10+ years on, she’s working at Enterprise and about to be promoted to manager. But on her own time, she’s a principal in the Underground Cabaret, producing and performing in shows in Hollywood. Her specialty: aerial pole dance.

Dmitri Vasko is a ballroom professional with his own studio in West Hollywood. He meets Michelle through mutual friends, and offers her intensive coaching in ballroom … if she’ll compete as his new partner. Michelle is up for the challenge; she respects Dmitri and knows - after a Cabaret number they’ve done together - that she can work with him. But ballroom?

After a month of coaching and rehearsal, Dmitri sends Michelle to his friend Kenji Matsumoto for a competition ballgown. And then things get really complicated.

Michelle and Kenji have both been single for a long time, waiting for that person to come along who would be worth disrupting their professionally-focused lives for. They both have some problems integrating a relationship into their other commitments. Kenji has the added challenge of watching the woman he loves spend countless hours with another man ... even though that other man is a) next best thing to married to another man, and b) his own good friend.

Connection is necessary in a love affair; so, Michelle and Kenji discover, is communication.

Michelle plays an important role in many of The L.A. Stories, beginning with ALL THE BARS ON SUNSET, and will be a featured character in a work-in-progress novel. Kenji is the kind of partner a lot of us creatives hope for: tolerant, patient, and steadfast.

CHROME is an interracial love story. Available now at

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