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Exposure -- #14

Circumstances have combined to make me a very productive writer this summer.  The third of my four recently-completed novellas is about a character (photographer and ex-Broadway dancer Andy Martin) who's appeared in a whole lot of the others, plus a character (actor and singer Victor Garcia) from MILLION DOLLAR DEATH. 

This one had two particular challenges (well, three, if you count the fact that the love story is between two men and I am, just so you know, not a man): the first major challenge was in continuity.  Because Andy appears in so many other stories, I had to re-read the whole series to make sure that I had his timeline locked down (he is present and accounted for throughout 2007-2018 in L.A. Stories time).  I couldn't have him doing things in this story that conflicted with things he was doing elsewhere.  This story takes place over a little more than five years in L.A. Stories time.

The second challenge was purely emotional and had nothing to do with craft.  When I first started thinking about Andy's story, there were two scenes that came to me right out of the gate, and they both had to do with animals.  But I had recently lost a much-loved pet.  If I'd had a deadline, I could have pushed through it.  Since no-one was waiting for this, I've taken my own sweet time.

Pretty sure that's a good thing.

I hope it’s common for writers to fall in love with their characters the way I do. I adore Andy. If there is one character in the series whose novella-length love story might become a full-length novel just because when I start writing a scene for him/her I basically can’t stop, it’s Andy. He has inserted himself in so many of the stories (and novels), and every time he threatens to take over the whole thing.

EXPOSURE is a M/M love story with Latino protagonists. Available now at

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