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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

Getting Off -- #1

This particular novella started as an adaptation of a screenplay I wrote 15+ years ago.  It required some updating, since at the time of the original writing, things were different.  Like: cell phones.  OMG.  Anyway!  

GETTING OFF is a F/F love story, which kind of took me by surprise in the writing, since I have only ever lived F/M love stories myself. But it was pretty easy to figure out what each of the heroines would love about the other. And frankly, I really love both these women. They crack me up every time I read this thing.

Vicky Russo and Sharon Weiss are co-workers and best friends. When Vicky finally shows her freeloading boyfriend the door, she and Sharon start spending even more time together. Sharon tags along when Vicky starts hanging out with Vince, because he’s entertaining and she likes to watch them dance. They both date other people, with varying degrees of non-success. But they keep coming back to “it’s more fun to be with you.”

And at a certain point, there’s really no reason to be with anyone else.

Vicky and Sharon are, quite rightly I think, foundational characters in The L.A. Stories. They don’t just appear, say something funny, and then leave. They both remain good friends with Vince and his wife Kelli (ALL THE BARS ON SUNSET); they train for, and compete at, the Gay Games DanceSport events in the company of Sam and Mateo (BEAT); they both do pro-am competition with Dmitri. While Sharon mostly focuses on her career as a paralegal, Vicky loves dancing so much that she joins the troupe for ‘Green Darkness’ (GREEN MAN WALKING) and ‘Gaucho’ (FACE THE MUSIC), learns highly technical skills for the show called ‘The Great Wave,’ and is eventually cast in a movie about Argentine tango singer Carlos Gardel (work-in-progress novel). Sharon’s biological clock goes off while they’re in training for the Gay Games, and with the help of Dmitri they have a daughter (EXPOSURE). They also get married. In a sense, Vicky and Sharon’s story through the series is the story of marriage equality, which is something very important to me for a lot of reasons.

GETTING OFF is a F/F love story. Available now at

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