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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

Green Man Walking -- #15

This one started with the title.  I was originally thinking of using the title for a sequel to "Million Dollar Death," with another little mystery plot.  But after novellas 12, 13, and 14 came roaring along, I thought "how about ... " because the setup I had in mind for this one had a lot of potential for a Strictly Ballroom-type romance. That is to say, an experienced performer starts working with a novice, and … sparks fly.

Frankly, I find mystery plots problematic in the context of romance.  My stories are not (with the singular exception of "Million Dollar Death") about law-enforcement professionals, and people who are not in that world don't really face mysterious doings with any regularity.  The amateur sleuth is, to me, a fantasy creature on par with a unicorn.  I've had to cease reading several series because it was just like "oh COME ON" when the central character stumbles across another body.

So anyway ... this one features several characters from MILLION DOLLAR DEATH, plus some new characters, and is an overtly showbiz story.  Hero (Red Warner, a stuntman/fight coordinator) and heroine (Mary Bassey, a dancer/model) both work in the entertainment industry, as do many of their friends.

This story is a slow-burn romance with one or two of the hotter scenes I've written in the series to date.  As with many of the others, I'd love to see it on-screen.  The stage project at the center of things is completely a product of my imagination and I hope it comes across on the page.

GREEN MAN WALKING is, like most of The L.A. Stories, an interracial love story. Available now at

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