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Mating Dance -- #9

The ninth of the L.A. Stories to reach completion, MATING DANCE is set firmly in the world of a professional dancer. Julia Hart is a ballroom instructor who came to the sport in mid-life. Ray Daniels is the handsome younger man she meets while teaching on a singles cruise. While waiting to disembark, Ray starts a conversation that leads to a dinner date … and then to much more.

Ray and Julia were an interesting couple to write. She is white, he is mixed-race; she is sixteen years older; he is just starting to get some traction in his acting career, and she’s well-established. Not to mention, she’s divorced, with a college-aged daughter.

They have a couple of things firmly in common, though: they both love to dance; and they both want to be together enough to adjust as needed so that can happen.

Ray is the brother of Charlene, heroine of BENCHWORK; he is good friends with Vince (ALL THE BARS ON SUNSET), Danny (SPEED DATE), and James (VINTAGE), as well as Lucas (TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOREVER). Julia is the mother of Grace, heroine of TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOREVER. They both turn up in several other novellas (Julia is Sam and Mateo’s coach in BEAT) and in FACE THE MUSIC.

MATING DANCE is an interracial love story and is a linchpin to dramatic events that take place later in the series. Available now at

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