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Publishing Blitz

July 4, 2018

So the 70,000-word June is over and I haz updates.

GETTING OFF, ALL THE BARS ON SUNSET, and VINTAGE have been revised.  These are now in the traditional narrative format, second-person, past-tense, of most fiction.  I'm hoping that anyone who bought these in their original format will see the updates and take another look.

GETTING OFF: a F/F love story about two co-workers whose search for romance circles back to each other

ALL THE BARS ON SUNSET: a M/F love story about a couple of office workers with second lives as dancers

VINTAGE: a M/F love story about an attorney and a wine consultant

Of course, anyone who HASN'T bought them is invited to do so!  A note re: pricing: I have gone with the lowest available price for the novellas, which happens to be 99 cents.  As we all know by now, I'm not trying to make a living, much less get rich,* off of these.  Thanks, day job.

* that said, rights are available!  I think these'd make a fantastic series on Netflix or Prime or Hulu!  Email me!


THE WHOLE TRUTH was recently published.  TOWARD LOVE and EXPOSURE were just uploaded today and should be available by tomorrow as Kindle e-books.

THE WHOLE TRUTH: a M/F love story about two attorneys

TOWARD LOVE: a M/F love story about two actors

EXPOSURE: a M/M love story about an actor and a photographer/dancer


Ratings?  I'd say R for language and PG-13 for sex.  Apologies to all who don't like the F word and its variations, I admit those variations entertain me, and I'm mostly writing for my own entertainment here.

Diversity: the characters in the six above-referenced novellas range from Italian-American and Jewish to Puerto Rican, African-American, Chinese-American, and Mexican-American.  

This is in part because I know a lot of non-white people who have inspired my characters, and in part because I happen to find people of color attractive (see Mr. P), and in part because there are enough stories about white people out there.  

Though, let it be said, I did not deliberately set out to write stories with a diversity quotient.  As I was imagining the characters, it was helpful to me to have a specific ethnicity or heritage to draw from.

Now it's back to the revisions.  And novella #15.

Killing Your Darlings

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