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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

Set Dressing -- #8

The L.A. Stories definitely demonstrate a sort of "inertia" phenomenon.  If one exercises regularly it is easier to maintain the habit.  If one eats well regularly, likewise.  And conversely the less often one exercises the harder it is to do it.  Whatever we are doing, in other words, is what we generally continue to do.

So I have to keep writing, obviously.  :-) SET DRESSING is a love story about two arts-oriented people. Nick Hanover is an antiques scout and dealer who specializes in studio rentals. Lucy Patterson is an interior designer with her own shop selling beads and embellishments.

For Nick, Lucy is ‘the one who got away:’ he met her on a film set, when she came in to do chandeliers and he was providing furniture. But they never really spoke, much less dated, and he never thought he’d see her again.

Then his friend Andy (this guy just keeps showing up), who has his own case of the blues, turns out to know Lucy. What are the odds? In L.A., better than you’d think. Andy sets things up for Nick to contact Lucy. After an afternoon cocktail and a visit to her shop, things happen fast.

Then Lucy finds out Nick isn’t just divorced: he has a son, back East. Will that mean he won’t want to get serious with her?

What are the odds?

SET DRESSING is a story that benefited greatly from the 2018 series rewrite. These protagonists occur as friends of Reza in DRAWN OUT. They also take us out of L.A. for a brief visit to London, so Lucy can meet Nick’s mother (and, as neither of them expected, his father). Available now at

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