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Speed Date -- #7

This is the one that happened while I was supposed to be writing something else. SPEED DATE is a problem play: when we meet Danny Zhang, he’s at a Valentine’s Day counter-programming event, where he meets Anya Ivanova. She’s a beautiful salsa dancer, and he wants to be in a relationship. He’s also persistent, optimistic, and charming - so for a while they (kind of?) make it work. But how much work is too much?

After nearly a year of more off than on dating, Danny is ready to give up. Then his sensei makes him take a closer look at his sparring partner, a woman he’s known for more than fifteen years. Kate Pok hasn’t been waiting, exactly, for Danny to notice her … but she’s happy when he does.

Kate’s a bartender, Danny’s a DJ - their work hours are not conducive to making a life together. Then Kate gets an offer to manage the dojo, and Danny decides it’s time to focus on being a producer. Because what they both want to do is live in daylight … together.

Danny is later seen as a music producer for the Underground Cabaret, the semi-pro dance company that provides a home for many of my dancer characters, and as a DJ at several related weddings. He and Kate both perform in a couple of the shows, but they are not Capital-P Performers. Anya was a tricky character to write, but she was interesting … so much so, that here we are a few years later and her own love story is about to get published (SHAKEN & STIRRED, coming soon).

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