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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

The Continental -- #4

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THE CONTINENTAL started as a play on the story from the classic Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers movie ‘Top Hat.’ I even shamelessly reference this in the novella! In case you haven’t seen that (and I recommend that you do; go ahead, I’ll wait), here’s how I played it.

Elena is a young ballroom professional working on a long-term goal: having her own studio back in her home town of Visalia. In order to get there, she’s working long, hard hours and making connections wherever she can … and trying to undo some damage from an unsuccessful early competitive partnership.

Elena’s friend Vanessa, from that years-ago competition season, gets in touch about a project she’s working on with her new husband. They meet up at the biggest DanceSport competition on the West Coast … but not until after Elena has met Tony, a tantalizing Italian … and he’s kissed her. The only problem: he’s Vanessa’s husband!

Or … is he??

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