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The Continental -- #4

THE CONTINENTAL started as a play on the story from the classic Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers movie ‘Top Hat.’ I even shamelessly reference this in the novella. In case you haven’t seen that movie (and I recommend that you do; go ahead, I’ll wait), here’s how I played it.

Elena Hernandez is a young ballroom professional working on a long-term goal: having her own studio back in her home town of Visalia. In order to get there, she’s working long, hard hours and making connections wherever she can … and trying to undo some damage from an unsuccessful early competitive partnership.

Elena’s friend Vanessa, from that years-ago competition season, gets in touch about a project she’s working on with her new husband. They meet up at the biggest DanceSport competition on the West Coast … but not until after Elena has met Tony Benedetti, a tantalizing Italian … and he’s kissed her. The only problem: he’s Vanessa’s husband!

Or … is he??

This uncertainty doesn’t persist for long - it’s a novella, after all. It turns out to be Tony’s brother Stefano who’s married to Vanessa. That doesn’t completely clear the way for Tony and Elena, though, because he’s only in L.A. for a short time … and then what will happen?

Elena becomes the studio manager for Dmitri, recurring supporting character for The L.A. Stories. She also decides to re-enter ballroom competition with Mateo (BEAT) in a work-in-progress novel. Meanwhile, Tony is working on the documentary series that brought him to L.A. in the first place. These two do not have a lot of explicit crossover to other stories. If you want a romance rooted in the professional ballroom world, this may be the one for you. It’s also got a sexy Italian hero inspired by one of my own college boyfriends.

THE CONTINENTAL is an interracial love story. Available now at

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