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The Whole Truth -- #12

THE WHOLE TRUTH started with a very different premise. It actually started with the song “Walk of Shame” recorded by Eight to the Bar. My “what if” was, what if a young attorney wakes up on some guy’s couch and can’t remember how she got there?

I don’t write heavy drama, for the most part, and I don’t really like for bad things* to happen to my characters, so it would have been a comedy. But after toying with the notion for over a year, I realized that the morning-after moment didn’t really belong in the story I wanted to tell. Because Stella Liu, my young attorney, wouldn’t have fallen for the guy who let her crash on his couch after she blacked out at the bar. Besides, he was already carrying the torch for someone else (see VINTAGE).

Instead, Stella gets her act together, develops a Life Plan, and then has her plan … not derailed, but maybe redirected, when she meets Frank Cavatini, a completely charming but much-older man. And that’s the story that became THE WHOLE TRUTH.

THE WHOLE TRUTH is a May-December romance. Available now at

*Note: since this was written, I have done some Very Bad Things to my characters. If you prefer an angstier story, I recommend picking up my new M/M romance novella OVERBOARD, or the new novel FACE THE MUSIC.

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