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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

Where to Start

This round of rewrites is FINISHED.

Tonight, I uploaded the new content and cover for novella #9, Mating Dance.  That is a complete series revision completed since May.  No wonder my insomnia has been worse than usual.  Of course, I will probably start all over because inevitably I (and my stalwart beta reader + editor + sister) have found a few typos.

In addition, of course, I've written and published five new ones.  Since May.  Which is bananas.

Want to know what else is bananas?  The 10,000 words done on historical novel #3, the nearly-complete novella #17, and the just-under-half-finished novella #18.


(I did not have a plan.)


Whatever.  In case I sound a little punchy, it is most likely due to the Empress 1908 gin, which my new friend Jeffrey at Total Wine & More helped me find this evening, and which is magically delicious as well as possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever poured into a glass.  

It is a plot point.  I am drinking for research.  Shut up.


Anyway, the point of this post was to recommend a starting point with the series of L.A. Stories.  The order of publication is not chronological within L.A. Stories Time, so just reading from the beginning will require you to jump around a bit.  Some readers hate that.  I promise I will put something up soon that places all the novellas in more-or-less chronological order (some of them overlap).

ANYWAY AGAIN, about where to start:

I recommend starting with "Toward Love," which does not have many (in fact hardly any) direct tie-ins with the rest of the series.  While all of the stories are intended to be stand-alone (i.e. I try not to leave the reader guessing about who all the people are or why they are here), this one is more so than others.

Also it's got some good stuff in it!  And it's only 99 cents, so, you know.  If you hate it, it was less than a buck.


Happy Reading.  The Empress and I are going to bed now.

Drawn Out -- #17

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