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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

Overboard - #19

OVERBOARD is actually the 22nd L.A. Stories novella as written, but I have published it 19th because of reasons.

One reason is that I think it’s the best thing I’ve done so far.

Ricky Castillo is a going-on-forty professional salsa dancer, a world champion, with a secret: his longtime boyfriend is an abuser. When Ricky finally walks away, it takes some time to see possibility in anything outside his dance partnership with Anya Ivanova.

Luis Ramirez is a couple of years into his dream job as a sommelier, and is discovering that while the job is great, the venue - a cruise ship - is hell on relationships. He spends more time stalking Ricky on YouTube than trying to find a partner in real life. Then Ricky and Anya come onboard as the dance team for a Valentine’s singles cruise, and Luis makes a play.

Neither of them expect their first date to go the places it does. All they do is sit in a bar and talk. It’s what they talk about that changes them both.

Be advised: horrible things have happened to Ricky. But this story is about coming to terms - and coming to peace - with the past, and about how unconditional love opens the door to that.

Ricky was first introduced to The L.A. Stories as Anya’s partner in SPEED DATE. Luis came to life as Silvia’s BFF in VINTAGE. I always knew I would do something else with Luis, but Ricky’s story didn’t come clear for me until I was writing Anya’s (the upcoming SHAKEN & STIRRED). Once I knew where he’d been, I knew it was Luis he needed.

OVERBOARD is a M/M love story. Available now at

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