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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

Shaken & Stirred - #20

SHAKEN & STIRRED is actually the 21st L.A. Story written; I’m publishing it out of order because the protagonists of this story are strongly linked to those of OVERBOARD, the most recently-published novella. Both are standalone stories, but if you liked OVERBOARD, you might also like SHAKEN & STIRRED.

Other stories with linked protagonists are CHAI AT MIDNIGHT and SPEED DATE. Terry, the hero of SHAKEN & STIRRED, works for Tyrone, the hero of CHAI AT MIDNIGHT. A bartender at my fictional nightclub Chrome, Tyrone also worked with Kate, the heroine of SPEED DATE.

Terry Jefferson’s got a back story that’s a little - okay, a lot - different from that of most romance heroes. Anya’s got some of her own baggage, which she’s been working through with the help of her dance partner Ricky (one of the heroes of OVERBOARD).

Anya Ivanova was first introduced in SPEED DATE, where she meets hero Danny Zhang at a Valentine’s Day counterprogramming event and they start a relationship, of sorts. I always liked her, even though she is kind of horrible to Danny. She can’t help it: they’re not meant for each other. It’s one of those things, you’re with someone you really shouldn’t be with, and the good things induce you to stay in the situation much longer than you should.

In SHAKEN & STIRRED, Anya finds someone who really does understand that her dance career is and always will be her first priority. Taking that tension out of the mix makes it possible for Anya to slowly, gradually, move Terry up the list.

And Terry just can’t help falling in love with someone who’ll teach his greyhound to dance to ‘Copacabana.’

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