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Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Because I just could not wait, basically, and because I am already working on not one but three new novel-length entries in the L.A. Stories universe, at least two of which will probably be published in 2019, my 2018 National Novel-Writing Month project has also launched.

‘Today, Tomorrow and Forever’ is different from ‘Face the Music.’ It’s got a different structure (it uses the same alternating-point-of-view first-person narration as ‘Million Dollar Death,’ where ‘Face the Music’ is omniscient third-person), and it’s about 30% shorter, wrapping up at roughly 50,000 words. It does share a lot with the larger book: there are show-business, or show-business-adjacent characters; there are lots of references to music and dancing; and it is set largely in Los Angeles, though this one also spends a good bit of time in Las Vegas.

‘Today, Tomorrow and Forever’ is, like the majority of the L.A. Stories novellas, about an interracial couple. My heroine Grace Hart is an engineering student, and my hero Lucas Gutierrez is an all-around performer who lands a job on a (fictional, need I add) streaming show called ‘Behind the Strip,’ set in Las Vegas. They meet because Lucas is a friend of Grace’s mother Julia’s boyfriend Ray.

Grace first appeared in ‘Mating Dance,’ which is Ray and Julia’s story. Some events in ‘Today, Tomorrow and Forever’ grew out of what happens in ‘Face the Music,’ but we see them from another perspective here. One of the things I learned about damaging my characters is that, in a series like this, damage precipitates through an entire community. Nobody exists in a vacuum.

Kind of like life, right? We’re all in this together.

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