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Illusion - #21

This entry in the L.A. Stories was an out-there kind of idea. You see, I had these two characters - Yoshi Ito and Lesley Hayes - who I’d introduced in MILLION DOLLAR DEATH. Lesley recently made another appearance in GREEN MAN WALKING. But then I got this idea.

Yoshi kind of whispered in my ear last summer. When I wrote MILLION DOLLAR DEATH, he was just kind of there. I needed a lighting and projection designer for the play at the center of that story, and Yoshi was the guy. But there was that whisper, and it said what if I am not the man everyone assumes me to be?

I knew from the start that Lesley was not straight. She is a woman who loves other women. And that presented me with an opportunity to introduce a character type that was new to me. I’m hoping it comes across. I’ve treated the subject with the respect it deserves, and these characters with the respect they deserve. All my protagonists deserve true love - obviously I think that, or I wouldn’t be writing their love stories.

ILLUSION is available now at Click image for product link.

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