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When It's Time - #22

With WHEN IT’S TIME, we are finally caught up with the new fiction written in 2018. This story was written immediately after ILLUSION, because its hero came to life for me in that story. Hiro Miyazaki is a professional ballroom dancer, which puts his story in the same group as MATING DANCE and THE CONTINENTAL. On the heels of a traumatic event described in FACE THE MUSIC, he comes to L.A. and meets Kristine de la Cruz. They think they both want the same thing - marriage and a family - but they need to find out if they can make it work.

Kristine was introduced in BEAT. She’s the younger sister of Mateo, one of the heroes of that story. And she is sixteen years younger than Hiro. This is only one of the potential conflicts in their relationship.

I’ve alluded before to the intrinsic limitations of the novella format. You don’t want to introduce a really serious conflict in a novella-length love story, because if you do, you’re apt to either spend all your words on the conflict and leave the love story in the dust, or vice versa. Over the past six stories I’ve definitely caused some trouble for my protagonists, but the love story is still the primary focus. Hiro and Kristine fall in love fast … the problem is that they don’t quite realize it.

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