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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

#24 - Torch

A funny thing happened on the way to a new novel. (That one about people making a movie about people putting on a play; you’ll hear more about that later.) Maybe only a writer would find this funny, but I’ll tell you about it anyway. First, here’s the official announcement of L.A. Story number 24: Torch.

When I began writing that big complicated novel, it was meant to be framed by a love story. It still is: just not by the love story I thought it would be framed by. That love story, the story of Argentine dancer, actor, and piano player Tomas and Mexican-American casino poker dealer (and aspiring lounge singer) Rosa, became TORCH.

Tomas and Rosa have a long and complicated history. Theirs is a second-chance love story as well as a love-at-first-sight story. There are miscommunications, and things left unsaid. There are questions of family, and careers, and an unplanned but very much wanted child. Knowing where I needed these characters to be in the context of the big novel, it was a challenge to treat their love story with the respect it deserved.

TORCH is a M/F romantic novella, available now at Amazon. Click image for link to product page!

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