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The Ghost of Carlos Gardel

The only excuse I have for a six-week blogging hiatus is … well, okay, I have two excuses. One is that I am temporarily (I trust) disemployed and thus looking for a job. The other is that I have been writing like a maniac. And consequently, the Big Complicated Novel is finished.

The first thing you need to know: this book is not a ghost story. The title of the book is also the title of the movie at the heart of the book. It is also the title of the screenplay that I am kind of being forced to write (once the scene chart was done it was ten days’ work to fill in a shooting script, which now needs to be turned into Holy Sacramental Screenplay Format, because once the scenes are written I might as well clean it up). But I digress.

THE GHOST OF CARLOS GARDEL is, first and foremost, and like everything else I’ve written, a love story. This novel concerns a cast of dozens. Its principals are Andy and Victor, the protagonists of EXPOSURE. Other key characters are Tanith Salazar and Sid Palacio (MILLION DOLLAR DEATH); Rory Atwood and Dana Richardson (STRIPPED); and Vicky Russo and Sharon Weiss (GETTING OFF). Along the way we also deal with Vince Connor (ALL THE BARS ON SUNSET), Tomas Calderon (TORCH), and many others. Making a movie takes a village. Tanith, as the director, knows a lot of these people already.

So what happens in this Big Complicated Novel? Nothing too complicated! It was complicated to write. Now that it’s been beaten into submission, I think you’ll enjoy it. I worked on this, off and on, for a year. There is humor, romance, drama, mayhem, and a lot of moviemaking.

THE GHOST OF CARLOS GARDEL is a novel in The L.A. Stories universe, featuring a M/M central love story. Available as an e-book now at Amazon (paperback in the works). Click image for link to product page!

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