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Lift - #25

One of the few actual good things about being unemployed is that I have had a lot of time to write. And instead of reading through the Kindle or sitting and watching TV, I have indeed been writing. The twenty-fifth L.A. Story novella is now available through Amazon.

Now, as you might guess from this cover, LIFT is a dance story. Or - more accurately - it is a story about dancers. There is not a whole lot of ‘this leg goes here;’ it is a romance, about two people with rocky pasts who find their road becomes smoother when they travel it together. Karen Scott and Zach Tyler complement each other, appreciate each other, respect each other. And they dance really well together. Not too surprisingly, they fall in love.

Because this is an L.A. Story, these two characters do not exist in a vacuum. Karen works with Kevin Park (BREATHING SPACE). Zach does his first Underground Cabaret number with Rory Atwood (STRIPPED). They both become friends with Mike and Paula Borodin (FACE THE MUSIC). And Zach eventually becomes the prince to Andy Martin’s swan.

(Andy is a character who I simply cannot keep out of things. He is one of the stars of EXPOSURE and of THE GHOST OF CARLOS GARDEL. I will apparently never stop writing about Andy. He appeared in the novel I wrote last month and is showing up in the new one I’m working on. /digression)

One of the things I enjoyed about writing LIFT is that I was able to take a character I created for BREATHING SPACE (Karen) and a character I created for THE GHOST OF CARLOS GARDEL (Zach) and fit them together in a way that felt very organic. Almost inevitable, in fact. Karen is one of my favorites of the women I’ve written. She is funny and tough and loving and brave. And Zach is the guy who is always going to be there to catch her.

LIFT is a M/F novella in The L.A. Stories series. Available now at Click image for link!

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