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Hello, and welcome to the LA Stories. Enjoy a dip into romance in the city of creative dreams!

#26 - Revved Up

The latest L.A. Story is now available! This is a case of two characters introduced in other material who had a credible intersection within the L.A. Stories universe. It is also the first case of a character who really came to life only after I saw a picture. But check her out: isn’t she beautiful?

Rita Johnson, the heroine of REVVED UP, works as a background coordinator (aka extras wrangler) for a casting agency. Dexter Parker, the hero, is a professional background actor with ten years in, who is beginning to wonder if his approach to his career is the whole reason he hasn’t broken out.

Rita was first introduced in A RANDOM SEQUENCE, wrangling a group of extras for a liquor ad in which Diego and Linda, the protagonists of that story, participate. Rita also popped up in the novel TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOREVER. She does a solid for that book’s hero Lucas: after working with him on various things, she finds out about a project he’d be perfect for, and tosses the project to his agent.

Hollywood is all about connections. Dexter has a lot of them too. The character of Dexter was inspired by someone I knew in college, a song-and-dance man with a sweet personality. In The L.A. Stories universe, he has a small part in the play at the center of the novel MILLION DOLLAR DEATH. Through that experience, he is connected to a whole lot of people appearing in L.A. Stories. Several of those people help boost his career during the course of REVVED UP.

This is a low-conflict novella. There are no big misunderstandings, there are no real reasons these two people shouldn’t have a successful romance. Only of course the reasons a lot of people have: living in different cities, having difficult work schedules, working at all times with attractive people who might be seen as a threat to fidelity.

Rita and Dexter are both from the South, they’re both in their mid-thirties, and they’re both facing only one major challenge, which is: what comes next. In REVVED UP, they decide being together is the first part of ‘what’s next.’

REVVED UP is a M/F romance novella set in Los Angeles. Adult situations, themes, and language.

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