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A Few Kisses Ago

This is the novel that happened because I needed a character for ‘THE GHOST OF CARLOS GARDEL’ and what I wanted to do with that character happened to intersect with something going on in the life of a friend of mine. It also sort of intersected with what was going on in my life at the time, namely imminent layoff aka employment disaster. This a 90,000-word L.A. Stories novel.

Like many (actually, most) of The L.A. Stories, A FEW KISSES AGO features an interracial romance. My hero is Sandesh Prasad, whose parents are from India; his beloved is Tasha Jefferson, an African-American woman from Los Angeles. Tasha is the sister of Terry Jefferson (hero of SHAKEN & STIRRED); Sandesh works in the same law office as James Levine (VINTAGE).

The action in this book deals with three major story arcs. The first has to do with Sandesh’s work life; second is his involvement with the movie directed by Tanith Salazar (THE GHOST OF CARLOS GARDEL) while he is out on leave from the law office because of [redacted mayhem - no spoilers here!]. James is his liaison, which let me go back to the James & Silvia story and carry it forward a little. The third arc, and the most important, is the love story.

There is fairly high catnip potential with this book! Sandesh and Tasha meet as co-workers and are friends for a long time before anything else develops. She is the divorced mother of a six-year-old, and is on good terms with her ex. If anyone is looking for a story about a functional divorce, why, step right up. Tasha has also done a bit of dancing; she was one of the showgirls in Tanith’s play (MILLION DOLLAR DEATH) and now that her son Theo is in school, is itching to get back in her dance shoes. She reconnects with a friend from her days with ‘Fanny and the Fishnets’ - (Annette, who appears in REVVED UP) - and with all three of the other showgirls from the play. Meanwhile, Sandesh is restructuring a law firm. Tasha and Sandesh both learn to dance Argentine tango for the movie; it’s one of many things that brings them together as a couple after years as friends.

The title of this book is taken from a torch song, ‘I Remember You,’ beautifully recorded by Diana Krall. Music plays a big part in most of The L.A. Stories and this is no exception.

A FEW KISSES AGO is available now at Click image for link to product page!

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