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the summer writing wrap-up

Well, it finally happened: I got a new job. Yay me! That has a lot of real-world implications, but in the semi-unreal world of being a temporarily unemployed person, it meant I needed to gear up and finish Novel #11. Because once I start the new job, I will probably not have the bandwidth to get much writing done for a while. It takes mental energy to orient and acclimate to a new workplace, to get into the rhythm. I like to do a job well, which means I’m going to be paying attention to that.

That said, I’m going to have a long commute again. This time I can take the Metro, so the commute may become writing time after things settle down. Or it may not: that may be time I employ plowing through the whole lot of books that have accumulated on my Kindle.

Anyway, Novel #11. I started tinkering with it around the end of last year, wrote a few scenes here and there between other things, and got fairly serious about it early this summer. I finished THE GHOST OF CARLOS GARDEL and A FEW KISSES AGO, along the way put together the novella TORCH, was working on a new novella (LIFT), and then went off the rails with the menage story, which I’ll publish this fall. That immediately led to the menage novel (#9, A BRAID OF LOVE; target date for publication: Thanksgiving). And then I was getting zero interest from recruiters for a couple of months. In reaction to that, I wrote novel #10 (LOST AND FOUND), which I’m planning to publish next June for Reasons. Then there was another novella (REVVED UP), and I tinkered with #11 a little bit but tripped over something else and fell into novel #12.

Novel #12 is about my characters Andy Martin and Victor Garcia. The story picks up where we leave them at the end of THE GHOST OF CARLOS GARDEL and goes to the end of 2019. Yeah, that hasn’t happened yet. So I’m planning to publish this novel, NEVER ENOUGH, in March 2020.

Then, when I was thinking ‘gee I really should get moving on #11 because this latest interview was promising,’ another novella happened because of things that happen in NEVER ENOUGH. This brain of mine, I tell ya. That novella can’t be published until about June 2020 because its story goes through May. What in the world is happening. My internal Novel Numbering System is basically broken.

But finally, finally, about the time I got a second interview in each of two solid job possibilities, I figured out the hook for #11. And consequently that novel, CHANGE PARTNERS, is done. Well, the alpha draft is done. I have plenty of time to revise it and do every other obsessive thing I always do, because with three other completed novels in the queue, CHANGE PARTNERS won’t be published until September 2020.

Going into a new job with a whole year’s publishing plan laid out is not a bad thing. I have three more novellas plotted. Odds are good those will all be written before year-end. No idea when I will actually publish them. There are other characters I know I’m going to write novella-length stories about.

And there are two more novels simmering. One will feature Tanith Salazar (MILLION DOLLAR DEATH, THE GHOST OF CARLOS GARDEL) and the other will again feature Andy and Victor (EXPOSURE, every other damn thing).

Plus I am turning the novella EXPOSURE, originally published last summer, into a full-length novel. I love those guys. After writing two novels that were mostly about them, I couldn’t resist going back to their origin story.

Now I am looking at the drift of heavily-annotated paper that is my L.A. Stories Brain, and thinking ‘the first thing you should do next is clean all this up.’

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