The L.A. Stories Novels


MILLION DOLLAR DEATH is a short mystery novel set in modern-day Los Angeles, featuring characters who also appear in THE L.A. STORIES. 

Tanith Salazar is in final rehearsals for the play she's written, when the LAPD marches into the theater to tell her one of her actors is dead under questionable circumstances. When a tox screen reveals that he's received an overdose of prescription drugs - not his own - all of her cast and crew are suspects.

The show must go on, and Tanith is a professional; but the next few days reveal that whoever killed Billy West isn't done. With the help of her roommates (and Detective Ysidro Palacio), Tanith gets the rest of the cast through opening night more or less intact. The real question is, can they all make it through the second show?

From page one:

It’s part of the lingo, you know. “That show nearly killed me.” We don’t mean it literally, we just want to draw attention to how hard we work and (incidentally) start a conversation about our work. Because there’s nothing we like more than to talk about our work. For one thing, how will anyone hire us if no-one hears about our work?

This is a story about what happened when a show was, literally, murder.